The Two Cities That Should be on Every Globetrotter’s List


Seeing the world is something that many people dream of. Who wouldn’t want to see all the marvelous wonders the world has to offer? If you have always wanted to see the world, I’ve created a list of places you need to see when you finally live out your dream.

Visit Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa is among the cities that have the most visitors each year. While the city is beautiful, with its majestic mountains, there is more to do than site see and  you won’t run out of awesome things to do.

Cape Town is home to many vineyards. If you want to spend a quiet day in the hillsides sipping Cape Town’s unique take on wine, you can hop from vineyard to vineyard sampling the wines.

During your Travel, if you feel like partying, there is always live music and places to dance downtown. After eating, you can step into one of the many five-star restaurants in Cape Town. You can find local food as well as international food in Cape Town restaurants. If you really want the experience of a lifetime, head over to Shark Bay (home to the most white sharks) where you can get up close and personal with the sharks.

Prague of the Czech Republic

Prague is a city that is often said to beckon to people. It has been a ‘backpackers’ ultimate destination for decades. If you want to be amazed and the creations of humanity, Prague is the place for you. When asked to describe how they felt about visiting Prague, many travelers said the same thing: it was emotional. Prague is a very historical city and you can feel the past.

One such place in the World where you can feel the history is the Charles Bridge. The bridge has been standing for over 600 years, a comment on the wonderful workmanship that went into building it. The best part of the bridge are the gigantic statues, depicting important religious figures, that are placed along the entire length of the bridge. You’ll likely see a lot of hotdog cart vendors eager to feed hungry tourists when they can pull themselves away from snapping picture with their phone. Standing on the bridges feel as if you are stuck between two centuries.

If you consider yourself a beer enthusiast, you have to visit the beer hall. The hall, is inside a famous hotel and has been in existence for nearly as long as the Charles Bridge. If you’re feeling brave, order a beer called the X-33 there is no stronger beer in the entire republic. However, drinking on an empty stomach is not good, so visit the hotel’s restaurant for some delicious food. The hotel is famous for its roast beef and sour cream.


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